Exam Prep

Aside from the obvious good habits such as: getting plenty of sleep, eating a healthy breakfast, staying well hydrated, and exercising, here are a few practical tips for preparing for exams:

Don’t wait till the last minute – Start studying today, even if it is only for a little bit of time.  Start reviewing the material that you are most likely to be tested on and pay extra attention to concepts or information that you don’t understand as well.

Review your notes – It sounds like common sense.  Review your notes every day leading up to the exam to increase recall.  Be familiar with the major concepts that were discussed throughout the quarter and terms associated with these concepts.

When taking an exam, work on the questions with the highest point value first – If you can, try to read all of the questions on an exam prior to starting the exam and then find the question(s) that have the most points allotted and work on them first.  This technique helps manage time when taking an exam and essentially the value (it can help increase the number of points you receive for each question).

Play to your strengths – Try different strategies when studying such as: rewriting notes, typing out notes, verbally reading notes out loud, using flashcards, etc.  People learn differently therefore what works for one person may not work for another.  Figure out how you learn best and tailor your study habits accordingly.

Be positive – Nothing good ever comes from being negative, going into an exam with negative thoughts will almost guarantee poor results.  Be confident in yourself, your abilities, and learn from your mistakes.

Below is an article from the Huffington Post that came out today with 9 study tips: