HeW Grant

The Department of Labor (DoL) awarded the Health eWorkforce Consortium an $11.8 million dollar grant to provide: education and training in the fast growing field of Health Information Technology, and employment assistance to veterans and their eligible spouses, TAA-eligible individuals, and others.  The consortium consists of 9 educational institutions,  8 of which are in the State of Washington.  Each of the educational institutions in the consortium offer programs that either contain new Health IT curriculum or are programs specifically created for people looking to pursue careers in Health IT.  As part of the grant, student support services and career development services are available to students in programs with new Health IT content and/or Health IT certificate programs.

At Bellevue College, these programs include: Nursing (ADN & BSN) programs, Radiologic Technology program, CAHIMS Certificate program, and Data Analytics Certificate programs.

To view more information regarding the grant that is tied to your academic program, please use the link below: