Study Skills

Did you know……

People only remember 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, & 30% of what they see. 

However, the percentages go up significantly when you see & hear something together (visual + auditory), and then even more when you say something out loud (verbal/auditory), and the highest percentage of recall comes from actually doing something (kinesthetic).

That being said, wouldn’t it make sense to study by combining these actions to maximize your recall?  I recommend trying it.

It isn’t enough to simply read the required chapters your instructors assign and review your notes.  You have to actively read & review.

  • Quiz yourself, check your knowledge of major concepts taught in the course
  • Go back and make sure you understood what you read
  • Write down major concepts and review them in your notes
  • Make sure you can verbally explain the main concepts to another individual (this is key people)

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