Manage Stress Better

Wow I’ve been posting quite a few video clips on here lately.  Well here is another one.  Earlier this month I offered a free webinar on How to Manage Stress Better.  In case you were unable to attend, we had a wonderful guest presenter from the Bellevue College Counseling Center, Ms. Katherine Colles, come and speak on the topic.  She presented some good relaxation techniques and walks you through one in particular.  Enjoy.


Online Course Best Practices

For those of you that are currently taking online courses or are considering taking online courses below is a webinar I hosted last month on “Online Course Best Practices”.  The webinar covers courses taken through Canvas specifically.

Memory: Improve Your Recall

This month’s coaching topic is going to be on memory and what we can do to improve it.  How can we increase our rate of recall when it comes to studying and learning material for class?  I have posted a short video clip from YouTube about improving recall.  It introduces an interesting concept that I believe might be worth trying.  Remember, 7 – 10 seconds is key.  Be sure to check back here later in the month when I post more information and tips on this topic.