More Motivation

Spring is here, trees and flowers are blossoming, good weather is calling us outside, how is it possible to stay focused on one’s studies and academic program during such a beautiful season?  It is easy to start putting things off and filling the schedule with more leisure activities during this time, which can ultimately take you off track or cause you to lose momentum in your program.  That is why it is so important to stay motivated this quarter, focus on those goals (academic & career), and move forward.

How can one stay motivated?

Try out some of the techniques below if you find yourself struggling to stay focused:

1. Remind yourself about what is important to you (goals). Why did you start the academic program you are in?  What factors are driving you to be in higher education?  Why are you doing this?  These questions should spark some insight as to why it is important to keep going.

2. Make class interesting.  If you find yourself enrolled in a course where the material is not always the most exciting, or it is not your preferred subject to study, or maybe it is too difficult or too easy for that matter, find ways to make it more interesting.  This will be challenging.  Make a game for yourself of trying to memorize dull material (involve others) or try to find something that interests you within the material you are studying, even if it is a stretch.  Anything to keep your interest will keep you moving in the right direction.

3. Avoid time-sucking activities.  Good ol’ social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, the usual suspects, but also avoid activities that can take up too much time…too much socializing or involvement in too many extracurricular activities (over committing), and working too much can also interfere with focusing on studies

4. Study outside. Win-win situation right?  Enjoy the weather and your studies too, just be sure to be productive and not be distracted by sounds or other occurrences around you

5. Find a role model. Bet you didn’t see that one coming.  Who do you admire?  If you do not have a role model, find one and most importantly, find out how it was that they came to be in their position today.  How did they achieve greatness?  I bet they did not get to where they are by spending an abundance of time on Facebook or playing Frisbee golf.

6. Keep everything in perspective.  One quarter is only a few months out of the year, out of the next five years, ten years, your entire life.  You can do this.  Power through and before you know it you will find yourself one quarter further than you were earlier in the year.      

Click on “New-motivation” link below for a PDF from the Bellevue College TRiO program on motivation that includes a goals worksheet.


Get Motivated!

Do you find yourself in the middle of your program and hitting a lull?  Or perhaps you have just started another course, another quarter and are having a hard time getting started and getting back into routine.  All of us encounter a lack in motivation at some point or another.  The important thing is to not drift too far off course and regain motivation in order to stay on track and reach those goals.  This month’s coaching topic is going to be on “Motivation”.

Next week I will be sending out an e-mail with tips on how to stay motivated and on track in your academic program.  Motivation largely involves positive thinking and believing in one’s ability in order to persevere and keep going.  I will be sending out some tips and resources for staying motivated shortly, stay tuned.