Doodling in Class: Beneficial or Not?

Do you doodle?  You know, making shapes, lines, pictures, words, etc. in your notebook or on a scrap piece of paper.  While most of us think it might be a bad habit or something we do because we are bored, a new study has found that doodling can actually increase information retention and be a positive activity.

By no means will I encourage you to doodle in class because I will have a handful of angry instructors knocking on my office door, but I would suggest trying it while doing a listening activity of less importance.  Perhaps if you have a phone conversation with a relative or friend doodle while you are on the phone with them and afterward see how well you can recall dates, times, or specific details about the conversation.  If it seems to work for you, perhaps try it with slightly more important activities 🙂


Interesting Article

Here is an interesting article I came across today.  It is about doing away with college majors and instead having skill sets around which problem you want to fix in the world.  I find this article particularly interesting considering I see education and careers becoming more and more specialized each day.  Now that employers have their pick of the litter getting hundreds up applications for one position, they can afford to hire a person that meets their exact criteria, specific skill sets, X amount of years of experience, and specific credentials/certifications.

What do you think?