Procrastination: Later This Month


I was thinking about procrastination today (as I was putting off a small task), and then I went on to read a handful of articles on the subject and read about various tips of how to beat procrastination and etc.  I was amused by how many sites offered in-depth, physiological or psychological reasons for why people procrastinate when really I find the reason to be so simple.  The reason people put off doing something is because they find the task unpleasant and don’t want to do it.  What is the best solution to get back on track and conquer that thing we just don’t want to do?  The best tip I could find was from an article put out by TIME magazine:

The tip says this:

  1. Strive for five – the five-minute start

Five minutes is nothing—it’s just three hundred seconds. It’s the length of a song or a TV commercial. Pick up a project you’ve been putting off and give it just 300 seconds of your time. Once the five minutes is up, stop and reassess. After awhile, the momentum of beginning the task will carry you forward.


Try the 5 minute start and see if it works.  More to come on this topic later this month.